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-What is up you crazy hooligans, and I would like to welcome you to my secret lair....well not so secret anymore.
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-Let me just say that I as a person can either be a friendly guy, that would talk to you, advice, or even comfort you. Or I can become a complete a-hole that only seeks to make your life as miserable as please don't be a jerk or annoying or stupid to me or no pressure!
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Alpha Outfit

Presidential Outfit: This is usually her everyday outfit, whether when she is on her desk, attending conference, meetings with colonial governors or even in the public area. A dress that adorned with the colors of the federation, while wearing a gold chest plate with a crown reflecting her status as President of the Rapture Federation.

Combat Armor: But when she isn't doing anything "presidential" , then she will wear her powerful armor suit. Her armor is rumor to be the strongest one in the entire federation, no conventional weapon could destroy it. And is probably the most favorite for her to wear, and well known to everyone.

Casual Oufit: She rarely goes casual on public, and for that reason most citizens are clueless to how she really looks like. But when she does get off her hemet and wears her clothings, she wants to be left alone and when she wants to go outside she would usually go somewhere seclude and quite...away from the public eye.
While I'm working on the requests and a few art trades....I'm gonna ask a very simple question to you guys. You guys ever wonder what's underneath Alpha's sweet armor?
:Request: Lucas Family
This is request from and also today's happy birthday to this person right here :iconwinged-akatsuki:! Hell yeah happy birthday compadre! 
...Alpha Centauri...
    Alpha Centauri is an augmented human who is the leader of a very powerful galactic government known as the Rapture Federation and been so for a long time. She wasn't always a leader, matter in fact she used to be a "regular" human that fought against the machines back in her homeworld. But eventually the machines(known now as the Rapturian) won the war that led to genocide of humanity, however she along with two other humans were chosen to be augmented. Such augmentation stop her aging process and increase both her physical and mental strength and gave her robotic arms, but completely lost both her identity and humanity. 

    Alpha along with her new brother and sister, Omega and Proxima, led the Rapturian people into a new age of discovery and colonization. However, such early history since the foundation of the federation was a dark chapter which ultimately led the deaths of Omega and Proxima. Such deaths had a profound influence on Alpha that led to a doctrine of conquest and war against any lifeform that oppose the federation.

    Alpha as leader could be describe as smart and strong, rarely showing any compassion to those who question her authority, and ruthless when it comes to battle, but she is honorable against an opponent... that is why she has a lot of enemies, with little friends. But regardless the Rapture people admire her accomplishments of uniting and protecting their massive federation from centuries of wars and crisis and that of peace and prosperity. But those who are close to her, they know that underneath that hard, cold shell she is very compassionate and caring...which includes also been a mother to an adoptive daughter. She deeply cares of her people in the federation, even if it means making hard choices just to keep them save from the dark forces that looms in the shadows. 
To do list:

1. finish the remaining requests
2. finish the remaining art trades
3. begin coming up new ideas
4. need to find Jesus
5. need to find that damn apple I had with me awhile ago
6. prepare for spring break
7. continue search for that Jesus


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