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Where crazy shenanigans ensues!
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Gift: Neonimbus526 by Project-Rapto Gift: Neonimbus526 :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 15
Fallen Memory Timeline
---Fallen Memory Timeline---
[Note: Timeline divided by "FH" (Federation History) and "EH" (Earth History), using the Solar Calendar (SOL)]
EH 1821 SOL
- The Founding of Elmore
FH April 7, 1833 SOL
- The United Rapture Federation 7th space fleet arrives to the Solar System
FH June 3, 1834 SOL
- The Federation discovers intelligent life in Earth, Prime Directive initiated
EH June 10, 1910 SOL
- Strange meteor crashes at Arizona Desert, US officials sent to investigate
EH September 1, 1939 SOL
- The start of Second World War in Europe
FH August 23, 1940 SOL
- A federation space station is constructed at Earth's orbit
EH August 6, 1945 SOL
- Atomic bombs dropped at Japan, ending of World War 2
FH July 8, 1947 SOL
- A federation spaceship malfunctions and plummets to Earth
EH July 8, 1947 SOL
- The Roswell UFO Incident
EH 1961 SOL
- The start of Space Age
FH 1962 SOL
- The Federation ends Prime Direc
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 6 25
Nova Centauri by Project-Rapto Nova Centauri :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 12 32 TAWOG FM: New Federation by Project-Rapto TAWOG FM: New Federation :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 14 38 Something, Something, Something-ish by Project-Rapto Something, Something, Something-ish :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 8 9 :Request: Alpha Fire Team by Project-Rapto :Request: Alpha Fire Team :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 8 21 Another Day by Project-Rapto Another Day :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 18 36 Normal Day by Project-Rapto Normal Day :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 23 19 :Art trade: Encounter by Project-Rapto :Art trade: Encounter :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 10 12 :Request: Monster by Project-Rapto :Request: Monster :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 14 26 :Request: SpaceBon by Project-Rapto :Request: SpaceBon :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 9 8 :Request: Venture Bros. by Project-Rapto :Request: Venture Bros. :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 18 16 Old Man Jenkins by Project-Rapto Old Man Jenkins :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 11 28 Federation Navy Fleet by Project-Rapto Federation Navy Fleet :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 18 38 Killer Icon by Project-Rapto Killer Icon :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 8 18 King Pear by Project-Rapto King Pear :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 5


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Mexican Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

-What is up you crazy hooligans, and I would like to welcome you to my secret lair....well not so secret anymore.
Mexico Stamp by Sir-Drago Pinata Stamp by Kezzi-Rose AmericaxFem!Mexico Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
-Let me just say that I as a person can either be a friendly guy, that would talk to you, advice, or even comfort you. Or I can become a complete a-hole that only seeks to make your life as miserable as please don't be a jerk or annoying or stupid to me or no pressure!
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2 more days before closing the contest
Gift: Neonimbus526
Here is the art trade from my good friend :iconneonimbus526: I want to congratulate on his yesterday's birthday! Here with have David Clash, living in a world were guns never existed but swords are indeed the standard weapons. I also want to give him a gift, a very unusual gift. But nonetheless I want to give him this female Rapture design to him, he can come up with the name, description,'s yours now! Happy Late Birthday compadre!
Update time baby!!!!
Well I just finish with my finals...which means that very soon I will be back in business. And to let everyone know that the contest will end in 4 days!
I got triple tagged by this fella! :iconnyckmiguel: and this guy, :iconneonimbus526: and the handsome gentleman :iconmegad3:

- Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
- Write 13 things about yourself
- Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
- Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
- Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
- It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
- No tagging back.


1. I was born in my beloved country Mexico.
2. Currently residing in California.
3. I love a lot, I would even marry it! 
4. I'm not fat! ;D
5. Playing video games are one of my many hobbies.
6. Single life is currently the best life! 
7. I tend to be lazy by choice.
8. I actually do decent in school, but I can do better.
9. My political views are pretty moderate, but I tend to lean to the liberal side sometimes.
10. There was a time when I used to watch cartoons, I know only watch the news.




1.) Youtube, Netflix or Hulu?
Netflix my dude!
2.) Favorite video game console?
Playstation, baby!
3.) Cartoon Network, Nick or Disney?
Cartoon Network is the best network
4.) Favorite voice actors?
Morgan Freeman
5.) Favorite video game designers?
Ah shoot...I don't have one
6.) What's your favorite animal?
A god damn Falcon!
7.) What are your favorite eras (i.e. 80, 90s, etc.)?
The 90's baby!
8.) Have you ever created a video before?
Yes....and it sucked! XD
9.) What is your preferred mode of transportation?
Bicycle...maybe bus
10.) 2D or 3D?
How about 4D?
11.) What was your first anime you've ever watched?
Ah that one is easy, Dragon Ball Z!
12.) If you were able to create your own franchise, what would it be about?
A franchise that would dedicate in selling useless items that people tend to buy nowadays...that is profitable!
13.) What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Rape and murder...just kidding, I would break your arm for it! :)


1. What's your favorite fighting game?
WWE type of games!
2. Who is your favorite cartoon character that you watch growing up?
That my friend would be Sponge Bob.
3. Flash Animation of CGI Animation?
Flash Animation baby!
4. Who is your least favorite Loud House character, if so why?
I haven't watch that show...sorry
5. If You're a Megaman fan, what do you think of the teaser of the new Mega Man cartoon?
I was like...meh
6. Are you a Summer person or a Winter person?
Summer is comming boi!!!
7. Safe House or Lewd House?
uuuhhhhhhhhh lewd?
8. What is the worst anime you ever watched?
Not that I know off
9. Have you ever have struggles with with School lectures?
Hell yeah!
10. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
11. Do you used Tumblr?
Yeah...but barely
12. Favorite Transformers character from any franchise?
That would be Starscream!
13. Have you play Twister?
Yes....never again!

My Questions?
1. First thing that comes to mind when thinking of Mexico?
2. Taco or Burrito?
3. Favorite color?
4. Ever gone abroad, and if so where?
5. Favorite tv show?
6. If you can choose any powers what would it be? 
7. If you had the money to move in any city around the world, where would it be?
8. If everything was legal for one night, what would you do?
9. Favorite video game?
10. What would you do if I slap your face?

My future lovers ;D
1. :iconthe-pyro-gamer:
2. :icontoaoflight3690:
3. :iconthewarpyro:
4. :iconnomad36:
5. :iconcatoanderson14:
6. :iconhenrykhaung:
7. :icontheultimatetawogfan:
8. :iconheavenstarfell:
9. :iconaero-alpha:
10. :iconrifkitheamateur:
11. :iconlilie-pucisse:
12. :iconmrbda241:
13. Jesus
don't worry guys...just one more week of school and I will come back to normal schedule around here! So for the mean time, I will browse here and comment...and stuff. :p


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