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TAWOG FM: Alternative Factions
So in the series that I'm slowly working on "Fallen Memory" tells the perspective of a young girl of the everyday struggles in a world that is both ruined and occupied. As the story progresses, two notable factions emerge and clash each other to control the city of Elmore. For this introduction of the two factions I will use my OC Petro as a reference.

The Resistance(the left side)

In the story, rebellion is a common theme in the dystonia city of Elmore ,in the past previous attempts of mounting a rebellion had catastrophic failed and since then any organize resistance has been futile..until recently. Even though there ain't a central and organize resistance force, a small disorganize resistance groups wreak havoc towards the occupation forces in the poorer districts of the city. This groups however aren't united since each follow towards different agendas towards achieving their goal. They wear casual clothing that is both durable and flexible in any circumstances, but when mounting an attack they only poses low-military grade weapons. 

The BlackWatch(the right side )

Also in the story, there are some citizens that decide to collaborate with the occupation forces for either monetary benefits, or out of necessity. Essentially the BlackWatch are the secret police to the occupation government that sole goal is to maintain the order and crush any attempts of rebellion. Members of the BlackWatch are both brutal and loyal towards their mission, highly trained by the occupation forces and armed with latest tech to prevent any rebellion from rising. This members may have once been either sons, daughters, parents, or lovers but have gone to brainwash program to eliminate any feelings that might compromise their mission and also part of their identity is lost.

Federation: Siberia Patrol
A squadron from the federation armed forces has been deployed to retrieve advanced technology that is under control of the Russians, located in a secret facility in Siberia. Such technology under the wrong hands could spell trouble, thus the Rapture Federation won't take any chances.
RIAT: Outer Division
When dealing with potential foreign identities that might become a threat to the Federation, the RIAT deploys its agents from the Outer Division. OD agents specialize in gathering foreign intelligence and covert operations. OD agents soley operate outside federation territory, specifically they operate within alien worlds in order to gather intelligence and evaluate whether they are a threat or not.

However in order to efficiently gather intelligence in other alien worlds without revealing their identity, OD agents wear a special bracelet in which allows them to shapshift the alien inhabitant, however it comes with its own flaws. For example you can spot a Raptor in disguise just by looking at its eyes if they are red. There is a way of disabling their shapshifting device by EMP or an eletrical discharge thus rendering their ability to shapeshift useless. Either case, RIAT agents are well armed and prepared to face any obstacle to avoid capture. Under no circumstances should you ever try to pick a fight with them.
Ah Valentines Day....the day of the year where I make cruel jokes about true love, and still single! So yeah, good luck everyone! XD
TAWOG FM: New World
It has been 5 years since the arrival of the "collective", promised that their world would prosper under their guidance...but prosperity has come with a heavy price.

During the occupation period, individuals with special abilities like Penny Fitzgerald were dubbed "enhance" and consequently anti-enhance collars are mandatory at all times to this enhance citizens. But even before their arrival, Penny was very comfortable with her new appearance(and new abilities) and so was people around her...especially Gumball. The two lovebirds were since then been more close and caring to one another, one could even imagine that the two of them were destined to be together, for Penny she was finally happy to find someone to be happy and love, and wish to remain so for the rest of her life...but careful what you wish for.

After the war, people like Penny were forced to wear this collars that prevents them from using such abilities, but even with their collars on, it still didn't guarantee them from been abused by the Peacekeepers. However things got bad during the initial days of the occupation when violent protest erupted in defense of the enhance citizens that resulted in the deaths of two PK's...most of the protesters were gun down by the Peacekeepers and fearing that resistance might rise the Peacekeepers conducted a city wide raid to abduct as many enhance citizens that were deem "potential threats" and relocate them to a "control and safe environment".

Penny was the lucky few that survive the raid simply because she stayed at the Watterson's house that night, but this wasn't the case when the next day returning home, her house was empty, he couldn't find her dad, mom or even her sister anywhere. That was when one of her neighbors broke the sad news that her family were arrested and relocated. Since then, she has stayed with the Watterson's since she has no other family relative to stay with. As time pass, Penny at first fall into a depression knowing she would never see her family again...lucky for her Gumball was there for her, comforting her, never leaving each other as they both grieved for their losses. Since then, she has been along side with Gumball and rarely goes alone anywhere ever since an incident that occurred with some Peacekeepers that broke the tip of her left horn as punishment.

Hope has been gone for so's time to rise and take it back.


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